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Belief Systems- The celebration of Easter

Topic: Belief Systems- The celebration of Easter

Learning Outcomes

  • To outline what happens in a church
  • To list what jobs are done in school/church
  • To sequence the events of the the Easter story
  • To identify different emotions in the Easter story.



Discuss the meaning of special occasions- birthdays, festivals, etc. Display posters of different occasions- birthdays, communions, Eid, etc. Ask children to name the occasions.

Invite children to share memories of a special occasion they were part of.  Ask children how they would prepare for these occasions and discuss what would happen if this preparation did not occur. Discuss all prior knowledge of Christianty and the associated celebrations. Teacher explains that Easter is a very important celebration for Christians.


Children volunteer to read the Story of Easter from the link

Discuss main events of story and identify different feelings that different people may have experienced in the story. Children can list these on whiteboards using a different colour for each feeling (e.g. Jesus was betrayed in red text to show the feeling of sadness) Ask children to give reasons for their decisions. Hot seat main characters to portray how they were feeling at different times during the story e.g. Good Friday & Easter Sunday.

Using i-pads, children record the main events of The story of Easter in the correct order.



Students will recall and identify their favourite part of The Easter Story. Peer assess recordings of the story and give feedback.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Use of i-pads to record stories.

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