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St. Brigid

Topic: St. Brigid

Learning Outcomes

  • Become familiar with the story of Saint Brigid
  • Recognise the links to the Catholic faith as well as Irish history
  • Explore the story through appropriate use of play, music, art and drama
  • Utilise vocabulary associated with the feast day of Saint Brigid



  • Teacher ascertains prior knowledge from the children (KWL chart)
  • The children listen to the story of Saint Brigid’s Cloak and watch a video on YouTube


Aistear Activities over four days

Drama: The children will participate in a role play station and act out scenes from the Story of St. Brigid’s Cloak

Art: The children will create St. Brigid’s Day crosses using matchsticks and a cloak using fabric

I.C.T.: The children will use available digital resources (iPads/camera/class laptop etc) to engage in fun content creation activities.

SESE (History): Sequence the story of St. Brigid’s Cloak using pictures. (Children will label each picture with a number, word or sentence).


Aistear Reflection: Each group will reflect on their Aistear station at the end of the daily lesson. This will include a show and tell of each activity.  ICT groups will display their books/film/stories.

Teacher will bring the focus back to the KWL Chart and ask the children for information about St. Brigid following the lesson.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Children will watch a video about the life of St. Brigid and use the knowledge acquired to create their own content based on the story.

(Options: iPads, Windows Movie Maker (free resource), sock puppets, book creator app (available on android and apple) and the school digital camera).

(Aistear integration with SESE, Drama, English and Arts)
Children will write about St. Brigid in their independent writing copies and use words from the topic word wall to scaffold their writing.

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