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Topic: Mindfulness

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will engage in guided meditation.
  • Students will be able to describe their guided mediation experience  focusing on  their senses.
  • Students will become aware of their posture and practice their breathing technique focusing on inhalation and exhalation.



  • Children will discuss in pairs the definition of mindfulness and give examples
  • Whole class discussion will follow
  • Teacher will present definition of mindfulness on the whiteboard and explain correct posture and breathing techniques

(Introduction: 10 Minutes)


  • Children will sit comfortably in their chairs and close their eyes
  • Teacher will play guided meditation (Lesson one on ‘Mindfulness Matters – Still Space CD’

(Development: 10 Minutes)


  • Children will reflect on guided meditation and share their experience with the class

(Conclusion: 10 Minutes)


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Mindfulness Matters CD:

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