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St Brigid

Topic: St Brigid

Learning Outcomes

Children will be enabled to know:

Who St. Brigid was

What belief system does she belong to.

The Story of her life (in brief)

How to make a St. Brigids day cross from rushes

Learn the significance of the cross.



Lesson will begin with children shown an image of St. Brigid and asked if any of them know who she is, discuss the way she is dresses, why this might be, children asked what her career/ job is?


Children will then be shown a basic PowerPoint on the story of the life of St. Brigid. This will also give a brief account of the cross and its significance.


To conclude, children will be shown a video on ow to create a St. Brigids cross using rushes (found on wet land/ bogland)

Children will each be given a set of rushes and can begin to create their own cross with teachers assistance where necessary.

**Children may also use paper or pipe cleaners to create a cross where rushes may be unavailable.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

See PowerPoint on Twinkl based on St. Brigid.