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Equal Status Act

Topic: Equal Status Act

Learning Outcomes

  1. That the child should be enabled to: discuss the ethos of the school.
  2. That the child should be enabled to: explore the Equal Status Act and why it was created.
  3. That the child should be enabled to: describe what a stereotype is.



  • Teacher will illicit prior knowledge from the class based on equality.
  • Children invited to use the dictionary to look up the word ‘equality’.
  • Teacher will explain that we will be learning about equality and the Equal Status Act. Teacher will share lesson objective with that class with W.A.L.T. placed on the WB.


  • Children asked to consider the ethos of the school. Teacher will facilitate class discussion on this. Teacher to explain The Equal Status Act, who the Act protects and why.
  • Each pair invited to think, pair, share thoughts on each of the nine grounds on which discrimination is prohibited. Teacher will place short video clip on IWB (
  • Pupils asked to consider stereotypes. Teacher will facilitate discussion on stereotypes. Teacher will present image in IWB of different people and invite children to share what jobs they think these people have. Children invited to explain why?
  • Children asked to write down what they think a stereotype is in their own words. Children will be invited to share thoughts.


  • Cognitive: Recap of the lesson, children asked to share what they have learned in their own words.


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