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Topic: Diwali

Learning Outcomes

Child will be enabled to:

Know which belief system Diwali belongs to.

Learn when this is celebrated.

Learn how Diwali is celebrated.

Learn how to make their own candle holder/ Diwali lamp using clay.



Children will be shown the word Diwali and children will be asked if they have heard or seen this word anywhere before. This is to see what children may already know about the topic. Any Hindu children in the class will have a chance to briefly explain this aspect of their faith.

Children will then be given a K.W.L. to fill out as the lessons continues.

Children can begin to now fill/ or draw images to show what they may already know about Diwali at this point and also briefly explain what they would like to know at the end of this lesson.


A teacher designed PowerPoint based on Diwali will then be shown to the class. This PowerPoint will contain photos and text based on this celebration.

Children will then be shown a quick video on the use and the importance of the Diwali lamp during the the festival of Diwali and also a quick video showing how to create a Diwali lamp out of clay.

Each child will then be given their own piece of clay to create their own Diwali lamp.

This will be left to dry and can be painted or decorated in the next lesson.




Following the PowerPoint presentation, children can complete the final column of the K.W.L. chart noting what they have learned.

Children can also be given a small battery operated tea-light to place in their lamp to conclude.




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