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Understand how democracy works within the school.

Topic: Understand how democracy works within the school.

Learning Outcomes

Children will understand how a democracy works within a school.

Children will partake in the democratic process.

children will develop the skills required to become involved in this process.



Show pictures of different houses of government. Talk and discussion

Do they know where and what these buildings are?

Do they know the names of the heads of these governments.

why do we have a government? How are these people chosen? What responsibilities have they?

In your opinion, how can you get involved? How do you ensure your rights and opinions are being listened. Is there a democratic forum on Which your voices will be heard?


The children will participate In a think, pair, share about the word democracy. They will discuss what might be their findings and what they would like to see in a potential class leader.

The children will create and a campaign poster highlighting the skills and qualities required of a class leader.

The children could also create a campaign video/ or PowerPoint presentation indicating why they should be considered for the class role.



The children will present their poster, presentations to the class.

The other children could engage in a 2 stars and wish activities to conclude the lesson.

Afterwards, the children will be given the opportunity to vote in their favorite class candidate.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Powerpoint presentations

podcastign episodes

campaign videos

watching campaign videos of popular politicians from the past

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