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Topic: Buddhism

Learning Outcomes

  1. That the child should be enabled to: recall facts associated to the Buddhist belief system.
  2. That the child should be enabled to: identify the symbols of Buddhism.
  3. That the child should be enabled to: explore Buddhist artefacts.



  • Teacher will display images of 3 of the main symbols associated to Buddhism on IWB (wheel/lotus flower/Buddha Statue).
  • Teacher will illicit prior knowledge of Buddhism and the artefacts that will be displayed at the top of the room.
  • WALT written on WB – Identify Buddhist artefacts.


  • Teacher will read some interesting facts about Buddhism and engage the class in discussion based on these facts. Children will be encouraged to consider the symbols of Buddhism and engage in discussion based on these.
  • Teacher will introduce Buddhist artefacts to the class providing a description of each artefact. Children will be encouraged to think, pair and share their thoughts and opinions on these.
  • Children will be invited to handle each of the Buddhist artefacts with care and respect. Children will be asked to share their opinions with their talk partners.
  • Children reminded that Buddhist meditate a lot, class engaged in discussion on meditation and what it means to them. Teacher will then guide the class through a short meditation. –


  • Cognitive: Children asked to retell the lesson in their own words, highlighting what they have learned. Refer back to WALT
  • Social – Children asked to tidy desks and prepare for next lesson


Other Resources for teaching this topic

YouTube for guided meditation –

IWB to display images of Buddhist symbols

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