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Deforestation in Brazil

Topic: Deforestation in Brazil

Learning Outcomes

  • Debate an environmental issue
  • Become aware of the contoversial nature of some environmental issue through debate



KWL Chart about the Amazon Rainforest.

Class discussion to elicit prior knowledge of the topic.


Teacher shares newspaper article/text about deforestation in the Amazon.

Class discuss main points in the article.

Split class into small groups. Teacher assigns groups to the point of view of the logging companies or to the point of view of an environmentally concerned group. In these groups the class will rearch and prepare their argument. Ipads will be used to create a presentation on Google Slides to support their argument.



Class present their arguments to partner class. eg) other 6th/5th.

Complete KWL Chart.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

IPads and Google Slides


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