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Moral and spiritual- Identity

Topic: Moral and spiritual- Identity

Learning Outcomes

The children will be enabled to:
● Identify the different countries around the world which children in the class are connected to
● Recall some information that they found out about the various countries
● Design a poster in groups representing different countries



● Pass a globe around the classroom and allow children to point to their home country and/or a country they are connected to e.g. their parent’s home country
● Ask the children if they know any facts about the countries listed e.g. their flag, traditions, language, etc.
● Allow the children to walk around the classroom and to remind their peers of the country they identified and find out if they have countries in common with others


● The teacher will display a barchart on the interactive whiteboard and input the information gathered i.e. what was the most common country mentioned etc.
● The children will be arranged into groups covering two countries e.g. Ireland and Iraq, South Africa and Russia.
● The children will have to share information on the country they chose with the other members of their group.
● The children will be given the opportunity to draw a picture representing the information they have learned about their particular country.


● The children will present their pictures to the class and describe what they have drawn.
● The pictures will be displayed outside the classroom.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Interactive whiteboard- barchart