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Equality and Justice – Promoting Equality

Topic: Equality and Justice – Promoting Equality

Learning Outcomes

The children will be enabled to:
● Explain the term equality in their words
● Recall some features/characteristics that make us different/similar
● Share two things that make them different to another peer



● The teacher will write the word ‘Equality’ on the board and ask the children to explain what they think this term means.
● The children will then be shown the cover of the story they will be reading ‘We’re all different’ on the interactive whiteboard. They will be asked to predict what they think the story will be about.


● The teacher will play the story for the children through YouTube.
● The children will listen as the story is being read to them.
● Once the story has finished, the teacher will ask the children to share their thoughts/opinions on the story.
● The teacher will offer some prompters to encourage discussion and motivate the children to contribute, i.e. what did you notice about the people on each page? Do you think that you and your friends are all the same? What makes you different from this character in the story?
● The children will then be asked to draw a picture of themselves. They will be encouraged to include as much detail as possible.
● The children will be invited to show their pictures to the class and to explain what they drew and why.


● Talk and discussion – what did you notice about everyone’s picture? Did they all look the same?
● The class pictures will be arranged in a display side by side in the classroom with the heading ‘We’re all different’ above it to show the class that it’s okay to be different and that we are all treated equally no matter what.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Interactive whiteboard – YouTube