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Ethics and the environment-Exploring different habitats in the school grounds

Topic: Ethics and the environment-Exploring different habitats in the school grounds

Learning Outcomes

The children will be enabled to:
● Define the term ‘habitat’
● Identify and describe habitats in the school locality
● Recall some features/characteristics of such habitats, i.e. animal and plant life



● Elicit prior knowledge – What is a habitat? Can you name some different types of habitats?
● Think-pair-share – The class will be divided into small groups. Each group will be given an iPad to use for the activity. There will be a variety of pictures of different habitats on the iPads. The children will look through each picture and discuss with their partners where they think each habitat might be found, what plants/animals you might see there and what differences they notice between the various habitats. The groups will then share their findings with the class.


● The teacher and class will take part in a discussion regarding the habitats that may be found around the school locality. The teacher will encourage the children to give a reason for their answer.
● The class will then be divided into pairs and each pair will be given a sheet with a list of habitats/pictures of habitats to find outside.
● The class will go with the teacher on a walk of the school locality. The children will observe, explore and investigate the habitats they find and tick them off on their sheets.
● Teacher Questioning – the teacher will question the children throughout their investigation.
● The children and teacher will take pictures of the habitats they find.


● To conclude, the children will share their findings with the class. The teacher will display the pictures taken on the interactive whiteboard and ask the children to describe what they see in the picture and why they think that type of habitat exists in the school locality, e.g. climate/weather, plants etc.
● Exit visa – each child will be given a sticky note and will be asked to write/draw something they have learned in this lesson. The children will stick their notes onto the whiteboard to end the lesson.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

iPads, Interactive whiteboard