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Topic: Chanukah

Learning Outcomes

  • To retell the story of Chanukah
  • To become familiar with the symbolism of the Menorah



Think, pair share: What is chanukah? Does anyone chanukah?

Show a menorah – what is this? Does anyone recognise this? What do you think it is used for?


  • Read the story of Chanukah pausing for questions and prediction throughout.
    • Why do you think the Jews would not leave Yahweh?
    • Who won the battle?
    • Why is the menorah special to Jewish people?
    • Who were the Maccabees?
    • What do people do today to celebrate Hanukkah?
    • What is your favourite part of the story? Why?
  • In groups, children sequence and retell the story using pictures.
  • Play song –
  • Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah


Children will make Chanukah art. They will use their handprints to make a menorah. Each hand will be painted blue and each fingertip painted yellow to represent the flame. The children’s thumbs will overlap to create the eight candles and the Shamash.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Resources – wifi, laptop, projector, menorah, art materials, Hanukkah story, Hanukkah pictures

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