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Promoting equality in the classroom

Topic: Promoting equality in the classroom

Learning Outcomes

The children will be enabled to:

  • Share in their own words the meaning of the term ‘equality’
  • Make connections between the story ‘We are all different’ and their own classroom dynamic
  • Express what makes them different to others in the class i.e. home country, language, family unit, etc.



  • Elicit prior knowledge from the children of the word ‘equality’
  • Think-pair-share- children talk to their partner about what they think equality means
  • Show the children the cover of the book ‘We are all different’ and ask them to make predictions on the story and discuss similarities and differences between the people on the cover


  • Read through the story with the children displayed on the interactive whiteboard, pausing at different intervals and allowing them to tell the class how certain pictures relate to their own lives/the lives of people they know
  • Ask the children what they liked most about the story
  • Invite the children to design their own cover for the book-what other differences could they include?


  • The children will be given the opportunity to present their covers to the class and explain them
  • Ask each child in the class to name one thing that makes them different to their class members


Other Resources for teaching this topic

E-Book- ‘We are all different’ on the interactive whiteboard