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Grandparents’ Day

Topic: Grandparents’ Day

Learning Outcomes

The child shall be enabled to:

  • become aware of and appreciate diversity in the school, e.g. culture, religion, different families, lifestyles etc
  • begin to explore how people are interconnected and depend upon each other-the concept of interdependence, e.g. the postal worker, the school nurse, the doctor, the dentist, the garda, the fire officer, the traffic warden etc.



Stimulus: photographs of older people from around the world and samples of family trees.  

Whole class discussion: Who are grandparents?

Opportunity for children to name their grandparents (with sensitivity around children who may not know their grandparents/whose grandparents may be dead).

 What is the role of grandparents in your family?

What jobs do/did your grandparents do (paid or unpaid)?

What do your grandparents like to do? 


Family tree: show the samples of family trees, emphasising the grandparents position in the families.

Children draw/create their own family tree.

Children narrate their family tree using iPads.

Grandparents’ Visit:

Before the visit: think, pair, share questions for visiting grandparents.

Invite grandparents in to talk to the class about themselves, their interests, their jobs and stories from their lives.

Ask grandparents to bring in a photograph/object to show the children, as a stimulus for a story.

Small groups record a grandparent telling a story or their group interviewing the grandparent using the iPads.


Whole class discussion:

What did you learn from our visitors?

Compare and contrast the lives of grandparents and children, identifying similarities and differences.  

Recreate stories told by grandparents using the Puppet Pals app.


Other Resources for teaching this topic

These activities will need to take place over the course of two-three lessons.

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