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Topic: Easter

Learning Outcomes

  • To identify Easter as a Christian festival
  • To listen to the Easter story
  • To work as part of a group to place the Easter story in the correct order



Teacher to ask the children what is Easter?

Why do they think it is celebrated in Ireland and around the world?

Addressing any misconceptions about Easter Eggs etc


The teacher will then read the story “The First Bible by The Usbourne” (Or any Easter text available)

After reading the book class will discuss main points of the story

Then will map out main parts of the story on a storyboard.

Teacher will then share activity with children. Children will be creating their own version of the story using the “Shadow Puppets Edu App”.

Children will work in groups taking freeze frames to represent important parts of the story.

When they have taken the pictures they then select them for their story on Shadow Puppets Edu App.

When pictures are in the correct order children will act as narrators for their version of the Easter Story, clicking the record button on the app.


Children to share their videos with the class


Other Resources for teaching this topic

Shadow Puppets Edu on iPads

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