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Learning Outcomes

The children will be enabled to:

  • Identify the celebration of Easter with Christianity
  • Name some traditions associated with Easter
  • Make connections between the story ‘ The Easter Journal’ and the traditional Easter story from the Bible
  • Recall the meaning of the word ‘symbol’ and provide examples i.e. new life= planting flowers



  • Elicit prior knowledge of Easter from the children
  • KWL chart- complete the K and W section with the class
  • Introduce the story ‘The Easter Journal’ by showing the cover on the Interactive Whiteboard and encourage the children to make predictions


  • Read through the story with the children, pausing to allow them to form connections and share their own experiences (if any) of Easter
  • Highlight the key words on the board i.e. symbol, Lent, share, church,Christianity etc.
  • Think-pair-share- children discuss these words with a partner and share what they mean to them
  • Show the children a variety of symbols from the Christian tradition and emphasise that these are called ‘symbols’
  • Invite the children to paint and decorate their own flower for display in the ‘Garden of Easter’ (symbolising new life)


  • A number of children will be asked to present their flower to the class and explain what it means for them/ why they chose certain colours/decoration
  • Recap on learning from the lesson- fill in ‘L’ section of KWL chart


Other Resources for teaching this topic

E-Book- ‘The Easter Journal’ on the Interactive Whiteboard

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