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Halloween and Samhain


Halloween and Samhain

LT focus:

To discuss what we already know

To discuss the origins of a popular festival

To carry out research

To work collaboratively as part of a group

To write a playscript

To retell a story from the past


What is Halloween?

Why do we celebrate it? Where does the festival come from? (opportunity to discuss the word origin)

T to show video in link below

What did we learn from the video? Chn discuss


Teacher will then introduce task

Chn are in groups going to retell the story of Halloween to children in junior classes.

T and chn to discuss features of a playscript

T discuss preparing a performance that’s appropriate for their audience

Chn put into groups and given time to discuss ideas for their performances.

Teacher will display a number of useful websites QR codes on the IWB that chn can scan.

Chn to carry out research in groups and write a playscript to retell the story of Halloween to children in Junior Classes


Teacher to circulate the class at each stage and stop for mini plenaries where they see fit. Highlighting examples of great work etc

Chn will perform for other groups in their own class, editing performances prior to performing for other classes

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

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