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Grandparents’ Day


Grandparents' Day

LT focus: To recognise the special role of grandparents in our lives and in society


Introduce the topic of Grandparents Day

Pairwork: Talk to their partner about their grandparents


Whole class discussion on upcoming Grandparents Day

What does Grandparents Day mean to them?

What do they think Grandparents Day means to grandparents?

Why is it important to honour grandparents?

Discuss the different roles grandparents may have in family life and in society.

Prepare for upcoming Grandparents Day – brainstorm the different jobs that will need to be undertaken by 6th class – welcoming Grandparents at the door, bringing grandparents to the correct classroom, giving tours of the school.

Groupwork – Work in groups to design Welcome posters to display around the school for Grandparents Day.


Revise the main points discussed about the special role of grandparents in family lives and in society.

Assign roles for upcoming Grandparents Day.

Set out the criteria for a homework project based on a Grandparent.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Homework projects may be presented using technology – powerpoint, typed work, video, voice recorded interviews, photo slideshow

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