Exploring Human Rights (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child)

LT focus: That the child should be enabled to: explain the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in their own words.


  • Teacher will elicit prior knowledge of children’s rights and invite the children to share information.
  • Teacher will introduce KWL chart and facilitate class discussion.
  • WALT written on WB – explore the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Teacher will present the class with a short stimulus video clip on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child –


  • Children will be encouraged to engage in think, pair and share based on the video.
  • Teacher will present PP display and again engage the class in discussion based on this. Teacher will present additional higher and lower order questioning.
  • In pairs, children are presented with images of some of the rights as outlined in the Convention.
  • Children are invited to create a poster on the rights of the child by colouring, cutting and pasting the images onto colourful cardboard. Children will be asked to add additional detail to their posters by writing/drawing on the posters.


Conclusion: Children asked to retell the lesson in their own words, highlighting what they have learned. Refer back to WALT. Teacher will also refer back to the KWL chart and encourage the children to contribute what they have learned in this lesson.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic: 

YouTube clip (link above), PowerPoint presentation on Rights of Child.

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