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St. Patrick’s Day- Celebration of Irishness


St. Patrick’s Day- Celebration of Irishness

LT focus:

The child will be enabled to:

  • Think about what makes us Irish and distinguishes our culture/people from other countries
  • Develop a list of what it means to be Irish
  • Become aware of the conventions of speech writing (Integration with Literacy)
  • Write a speech appropriate for your target audience
  • Perform a piece of writing in front of an audience


Start video at 14 seconds and then pause at 1.15

Where do you think the video has been filmed? Why?

Teacher annotates the reasons why chn feel it was filmed in Ireland


Class discussion prompted by following questions:

What does it mean to be Irish?

What do you love about Ireland?

What makes us unique?

T reveals lessons task of writing a speech to perform for peers at Seachtain na Gaeilge assembly (or for junior classes)

What speeches have we heard before?

What do you think the features of speech writing are? Children to brainstorm features. Depending on prior knowledge and year group  teacher can decide on features children are to include in speech.

Teacher will remind children to start with their strongest argument and finish with second strongest and that all others should be in order of their perceived strength.

Teacher could show Martin Luther King Clip and the power of repetition or Barack Obama “Yes we can!”.

Class to brainstorm a list of what makes us Irish

Children to brainstorm slogan, such as I am a proud Irish boy or girl to repeat for their speech.

Children write speeches


Children to carry out mini performances in their groups, giving each child an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

Children listening take turns giving constructive feedback.

Remembering to Be Kind, Be Helpful & Be Specific.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Children can use iMovie to record their speech performances for a class collection for the school website.

Could be split over a week