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Rights and Responsibilities – Class Rules

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Rights and Responsibilities- Class Rules

LT focus:

  • Identify the difference between rights and responsibilities
  • Identify their interdependence
  • Identify their rights and their responsibilities in school
  • Identify their importance to a happy classroom


What are rights? What are children’s rights in school?

What are responsibilities? What are children’s responsibilities in school?

Teacher to create a list on the whiteboard of our perceived rights and responsibilities.


Children in groups to sketch a picture of what school life would look like if their rights weren’t being met.

Groups will present their sketch to the class.

On the back children will sketch a picture of what school life would look like if they weren’t fulfilling their responsibilities.

Groups will present their sketch to the class.

Class to decide on rights and responsibilities to include on class charter.

Class discuss the importance of these rights and responsibilities. Why do we need them? Would they like to be in a class where they’re rights weren’t being met or a class where no one was acting in a responsible way?

Children to write their name and design a puzzle piece for class puzzle (paper template provided) signifying that they agree to the class charter that they have helped to create. Class charter will be left on display alongside the puzzle with slogan “Working together, We fit together”


Children to role play scenarios of when rights/responsibilities are or are not being met

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