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Circle Time-morning meetings


Circle Time-morning meetings

LT focus: Develop meditative spirit through provision of opportunities for silence and reflection.


Ask the children to settle themselves on the floor. They need to be sitting with legs folded and arms held loosely. Tell them they are going to have the chance to rest or to still their brains and take part in some deep breathing.


Play the music and encourage children to close eyes and to breathe deeply


Ask the children to come back to the classroom by gradually opening eyes, stretching etc.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Using Adobe Spark, children can make their own video presentation or audio file to include relaxing music and imagery suitable for mindfulness for children.

A mindful moment can be done everyday as part of the morning routine for the class.

CDs for kids include The Zone, Still Space and Spás Síochanta Suaimhneach which are perfect for use in the classroom. The content of the CDs is based on the SPHE strands of Myself and Self-identity. All of the tracks are guided step by step with Ann and Derval’s relaxing Irish accents. to meditative celtic music Create impactful graphics, web pages and video stories in minutes with Spark’s free graphic design app