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LT focus:

  • Explore the common inks in any of a range of religious codes of conduct
  • Attempt to locate the common values across the traditions
  • Explore at class level how these values can benefit society


At the beginning of the lesson, access

This video is a compilation of Sikh Mantra. The video is quite long and can be played throughout the lesson.

Display the Image of the Khanda (the Sikh symbol for their religion)

Ask the children if they can identify the origin of the language, and possibly the religion/symbol to which it belongs.


Ask the children to access

by linking it to their Google Classroom assignment page.

The children should work in 2s or 3s and discuss their findings.

As a group or individually they should create a Google document to compare and contrast this religion to another religion that they have studied in the recent past.

Under the headings:

  • Place of Origin
  • Founder
  • Sacred Texts
  • Sacred Building
  • Major Festivals
  • Main Branches
  • Major Beliefs
  • Famous Sikhs
  • Fun Facts

Then they can share this document to the rest of their group to complete at home if unfinished


The children could share their findings to the class or present these at an assembly.

As an extension activity the children could make Finger Malas (meditation beads) or create a golden collage of the Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple)

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

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