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Peace (Meditation)


Peace (Meditation)

LT focus: To understand the power of mindfulness and taking time out


  • Introduce the topic of meditation- what is it?  What does it involve? Who is involved? Where can it take place? Etc.
  • Introduce the vocabulary that will be used “relax”, Breathe in, breathe out”, “imagine”, “tense” etc.
  • Discuss: When are we most comfortable/relaxed? (sitting, in a quiet area, soft music etc.)
  • Share how they feel right now (prior to meditation)- note some points on the board.
  • Discuss what could happen if we are unable to settle- try to relax, keep eyes closed, stay calm.
  • Explore meditation music, relaxing the body (get comfortable) and lighting


  • Prepare class for meditation by relaxing the body- rolling shoulders, breathing slowly, getting comfortable etc.
  • Set up music and lighting.
  • Begin meditation with the class. If there are pupils not settled, gently remind them to relax and keep eyes closed


  • Allow class to wake up slowly from the meditation slowly and continue
  • Discuss the meditation
  • Discuss the feelings they now have- compare to the previous notes made on the board

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic: 

Soft music, meditation themed script

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