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Racism and the Media


Racism and the Media

LT focus:

  • Define and explain discrimination and prejudice in their own words
  • Identify the steps they should take if they witness discrimination
  • Imagine the feelings of a person being discriminated against
  • Analyse advertisements for hidden message and meanings and determine if they are positive or negative message for society


  • Define using dictionaries – discrimination and prejudice
  • Pair work – talk and discussion what do we know
  • Circle time whole class share pair discussion thoughts and ideas – what are the different types of discrimination


ICT – cheerios ad (youtube)

  •         Free writing – immediate reaction to ad
  •         Talk and discussion pairs – circle time

o   so what happened in that ad

o   what did you think of the family

o   a lot of people have gotten very angry about this ad, any ideas why

o   people are specifically angry because of the parents, any idea why, anything different about the parents

o   they’re angry because they are mixed race parents, do you know what that means

o   Camille Gibson, VP marketing said they chose a mixed-race couple because they were trying to portray an American family and there are lots of interracial families in America

o   Have you ever experienced discrimination in your life – been a witness to?

o   The comments on YouTube were so bad they got turned off

o   Lots of people have applauded cheerios for not taking the video down…do you think they did the right thing leaving the video up

Does YouTube have any responsibility in the matter…what should YouTube do


Free writing about the discussion focusing on what we would do if we heard people making comments like this

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