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Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year

LT focus:

The child will be enabled to:

  • listen to the story of how Chinese New Year began
  • discuss similarities and differences between Chinese New Year and New Year celebrations in Ireland
  • use a calendar to determine what animal is represented this year
  • create artwork based on Chinese new Year celebrations  


  • Introduce the topic of Chinese New Year by asking the class if anyone has heard about it before or knows anything about it.
  • Read the story of the Chinese Emperor and his animal race with the class on the interactive whiteboard


  • Show the class the chart of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and work together to find out what animal is represented this year.
  • Watch a video about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.
  • Discuss similarities and differences between CYN and how the new year is celebrated in Ireland.


Create a piece of artwork inspired by CNY fireworks. Using an empty toilet roll snipped at the end to create a stamp, dip into a variety of bright coloured paint and print on to black paper. Finish off by sprinkling some glitter over the paint

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Powerpoint story on Chinese New Year

Video about CNY celebrations

Example of how to create fireworks artwork

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