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Tree Week


Tree Week

LT focus: The children will be enabled to gain an understanding  of how important trees are for human life, and they will enabled to learn about the bark which tree that protects the inside of the tree


The children will be sitting in on the carpet. Initiate discussion with the children about trees,do they have any trees near them ? Do the leaves change colour in Autumn or stay the same colour? Can trees help us to breathe?


Briefly introduce the idea of how trees are important for humans too, because they breathe in the gas we breathe out, (carbon dioxide) and they breathe in the nasty gases in the  air which are making the planet hotter. If possible give each child a piece of paper and crayon and bring the children to local green area . Tell the children we are going to look at the bark on the tree which protects  the inner layer of the tree. They will then trace over the paper leaning on the bark so they will have a tracing of the bark on their page. (If there are no trees in the area children could trace over leaves.

( alternatively If space allows, the children could plant a small tree )


The children will complete a bark tracing from a tree in the immediate vicinity.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Resources: Paper ,crayons,  trees if available.

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