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LT focus:

  • Explore the common links in any of a range of religious codes of conduct
  • Attempt to locate the common values across the traditions


Ask the children to reflect and remind you on what they can remember about the religion of Buddhism.

What does it mean to be a Buddhist?

What are the special festivals celebrated by Buddhists?

What are the 5 Precepts followed by Buddhists?


Today we are going to talk about one of the Buddhism’s most important festivals.

What is Vesak? 

Vesak day is the most important day for Buddhists all around the world. It is the day that commemorates the birth, the enlightenment, and the passing of Lord Buddha. Widely celebrated in many parts of Asia, Vesak day is an official public holiday for Buddhists to celebrate as a festival. Vesak falls on the first full moon in the month of May, every single year.

On this day, celebrants will go to the temple with their family to pay their respects to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha (Triple Gem). The temple will be beautifully decorated with bright cloths, lights and lanterns. Once there, people will offer candles, incense and flowers as gifts to Lord Buddha to show their respects and gratitude for his teachings.

As a class (or in groups), the children will watch a short 3min documentary on Wesak


The children can reflect and discuss what they have learned from the short video and share their views on what they have learned today.

As a link to art, the children can create lotus flowers

The children can place these along others onto a table covered in blue paper and green leafy foliage.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:


This is a clay activity in the same vein as the above.

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