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Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters

LT focus: Be aware of the power of natural disasters on your environment


Ask the children if they can explain what natural disasters are or name any type of natural disaster.  – A video of flooding in America

Discuss what they see in the video.

What do they think caused this flooding?

Ask the children if they are aware of any natural disasters that have happened in Ireland.

What kind of natural disasters could Ireland expect? Which natural disasters would Ireland not expect and why?


Ireland often suffers flooding as a result of rising sea tides and low lying areas.

On the IWB, display the following

Discuss the powerpoint and ask the children have they ever heard of this happening in Ireland.  – 2 videos on flooding in Ireland

Can the children explain why they think this is happening?

Can they come up with ideas to prevent flooding and damage to their property?

Complete the STEM challenge as below


What can we do to prevent flood damage?

  1. Introduce better flood warning systems. …
  2. Modify homes and businesses to help them withstand floods. …
  3. Construct buildings above flood levels. …
  4. Tackle climate change. …
  5. Increase spending on flood defences. …
  6. Protect wetlands and introduce plant trees strategically. …
  7. Restore rivers to their natural courses. …
  8. Introduce water storage areas.

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