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Making Fair Decisions / Choices


Making Fair Decisions / Choices

LT focus: further develop the ability to critically question and make informed decisions


With children sitting in a circle, a soft ball is given to one child. Ask them to think about a decision that they have recently made. The ball is then passed/thrown to another child and they tell their own decision. Continue until everyone has continued.

Using padlet, or an IWB, ask the children what decisions they have made this week, or this day? Point out the decisions they made that have effects on the now or in the future and how these decisions have affected other people.

Watch the following Youtube video and discuss the actions of the girl and why she made her ultimate decision


Break the children up into groups of 3 or 4 and ask them to discuss the items as set out below. Give each group 2 or 3 of the decisions.

The children could make notes using an iPad or a Chromebook.

Ask the children to report back on their discussions with the class opening up the conversation to the class as a whole.

Who or what influenced you making your decisions? Which people?

What effects will your decisions have made on others?


Ask the children what is the most important thing they have learned about making decisions

The children could make a poster/ card A good moral decision I made today was ….. because….

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

To complete the week, children (in groups) could create their own ‘choice’ video, capturing a moment where they made the right decision.

These could be presented to the class at the end of the week.

You pretend to be sick so you can stay at home and play computer games.

You ask for help when worried

You leave your classroom in a mess

You eat crisps every day instead of lunch

You eat dinner alone instead of with the family at one table.

You take money from your parents purse.

You save up money to buy a new ball/ scooter.

You make friends with someone other children avoid.

You reacting after someone has called you a hurtful name.

You support a computer game that others have said they don’t like.

You find a €50 note in Supermarket

You join in excluding a new pupil at school

You change your hairstyle so that its radically different from how it once was.

You turn up for basketball/ sports training every day