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Reflections using Stories, Poetry and Song


Reflections using Stories, Poetry and Song

LT focus: grow in self-knowledge through the provision of opportunities for meditation and reflection


Ask the children to sit comfortably, placing hands on their knees, sitting up straight and both feet firmly on the floor.

Eyes closed, take the time to breathe. 5secs out. 5secs in. Hold breath and repeat.

Ask them to listen to the sounds around them. Listen to their own breathing, the sounds inside and outside the classroom.


Day 1: With the children sitting comfortably, read one of the following poems. Display an appropriate associated image on the IWB.

Read your chosen poem slowly whilst playing soft, soothing music in the background.

Day 2: Ask the children to reflect upon the poem that they listened to and how it made them feel.

Provide the children with the poems that you have not read out.

Ask them to choose one that speaks to them.

Using a sound/voice capturing application, ask them to provide a soothing read of the poem. The children can incorporate soft music of their own choice.


The children can share their spoken word meditations to the class using a sharing platform on the IWB.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Voice capturing apps might include Keynote, Voice Memos, Voice Recorder HD App.

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