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Exploring Feelings and Emotions


Exploring Feelings and Emotions: When I am feeling loved, scared, sad, angry

LT focus:

To  explore different feelings and how to manage my own feelings


Look at  a powerpoint of different  people showing different emotions/ feelings. (


  1. Name your feeling. Let’s look at the list of feeling words. That’s a lot of feelings we can have. Is there a feeling you see that you felt yesterday or today? Sometimes it takes practice to figure out how you feel. I find that a feeling word pops into my head when I close my eyes and put my hand over my heart. See if that works for you. When you have identified your feeling, write it in the heart of your Feeling Guy

  1. Draw your feeling face. Now draw a face on the Feeling Guy to match how you felt inside. Does your face match how you felt inside?
  2. Rank your feeling. On your Feeling Guy’s left hand, write the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to show how much you felt this way. For example, if you felt a little sad, write the number 1. If it is the saddest you have ever felt, write the number 5. It may help you to hold out your fingers as you decide.
  3. Share the feeling. Think of someone you might want to share your feeling with. Write down the name of the person in the Feeling Guy’s right hand. You can even share your feeling with your stuffed animal or pet. A lot of people feel better after sharing their feelings.

5. Take responsible action for your feelings. Make sure to stress the idea that they can make choices. Did you know that you can choose how to respond to feelings? Remember to respond in a way that is kind to yourself and others. Write or draw your idea/ Role play senarios.


Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down (TU/TD)

Now let’s help each other. Let’s play TU/TD: Read the following and play the TU/TD game.

  • When I get angry, it helps me feel better if I yell at my brother.
  • When I feel sad, it helps me feel better if I bounce a ball.
  • When I feel bored, it helps me feel better when I hold my favorite stuffed animal.
  • When I feel tired, it helps me feel better to close my eyes and listen to music.
  • When I feel mad, it helps if I pick on someone.
  • When I feel jealous, it helps me feel better to put someone else down.
  • When I feel lonely, it helps me feel better to go play with my hamster. Finish with The Feelings Song

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