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Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year

LT focus:

The child will be enabled to:

  • explain the origins of Chinese New Year
  • determine the date of the Chinese New Year
  • discuss Chinese tradition


  • Tell students they will be learning about Chinese New Year, beginning with a history of the holiday and then learning about the symbols.
  • Read the story of the Chinese Emperor and his animal race with them on the interactive whiteboard
  • Have students create a Venn diagram or to compare and contrast Chinese New Year and Irish New Year traditions


  • Hand out copies of our lesson Chinese New Year Signs & Symbols.
  • Read through the ‘Chinese Zodiac’ sections together as a class. Stop and discuss.
  • Allow students to read about the symbols. Direct them to locate the animal that represents their own birth year.
  • Have students decorate their New Year pictures with crayons and markers, then hang in the room


Play traditional Chinese games, like Chinese dominoes

Recap on what we have learned using a KWL chart.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Powerpoint story on Chinese New Year

Digital images of Chinese Celebrations

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