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LT focus: The child should be enabled to research the diversity of traditions associated with specific festivals such as the differing Christmas celebrations around the world.


Begin the lesson with a KWL chart on Chanukah, eliciting information already known to the children on the festival and finding out what information the children would like to know about Chanukah.
Then play a short video with a Jewish celebrity who explores a lot of relevant information about the holiday.


The children can learn about the story of Chanukah through some teacher explanation or by using this video.

The school may have some concrete materials such as dreidels or a Menorah. Pictures of these can also be printed out or displayed on the IWB and used as focal points for class discussion. Some pictures of important Jewish symbols are displayed in the ‘additional info’ section below.

Focus on Dreidels

Children can then focus on Dreidels as there is an easy to play game associated with the dreidels. If the school has dreidels available then the game can be played straight away and any number of players can take part. Instructions on how to play the simple game can be found here.

If the school hasn’t any dreidels then the children could make their own, possibly as an extension in an art lesson. The children can follow a video tutorial on how to make your own dreidel, found here.


The children can return to their KWL chart and fill in the section on what they learnt about Chanukah.

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