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Martin Luther King Day


Martin Luther King Day

LT focus: 

  • Pupils will become aware of the ideas and words of Martin Luther King Jr. through his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • Pupils will learn about Martin Luther King’s life and his work as a civil rights leader in the US.


Teacher will play audio clip of Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech.

Question pupils on the speech eg

  • Who do you think is making the speech?
  • What is the main message of the speech?
  • To whom might this speech be addressed to?
  • What do country do you think the speech is taking place in?

Inform pupils that the speech was made by MLK.

KWL-what they know already about MLK and what they would like to know more about him?


MLK PowerPoint presentation

Discuss key vocab –

Segregation: separation; keeping people apart

Boycott: avoiding as a means of protest

Discrimination: unfair treatment because of race, ethnicity,gender, or age

Assassinate: kill for political or religious reasons

Watch video of MLK speech-“I have a dream”

Pupils complete their own dream for the future writing activity.


Conclude KWL chart

Pupils can share their own dream for the future with a buddy.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:


I have a dream speech

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