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Food for thought, food for life


Food for thought, food for life

LT focus: The child shall be enabled to develop the concept of justice, responsibility and empathy through a discussion of issues such as “Why share?”, “Why be sorry?”, “Why be kind to each other?”


  • I will show them the cover and read the story “One Grain of Rice” using questioning, predictions and connections throughout.
  • We will have a brief discussion of what the word “famine” means.


  • They will then discuss the events of the story as a whole class.
  • In their pairs they will discuss why the Raja decided to keep the rice for himself and how the people of the famine must have felt when they heard this.
  • I will ask them to discuss how the people of the famine may have felt when Rani distributed the rice to them and why she felt it was important to share encouraging them to think of a time they shared something with someone else.


  • They will share their views as a whole class.
  • They will then draw a picture of their favourite part of the story

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

An audio of the story can be found here. The book contains pictures drawn by the author which may make it more exciting for the children.

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