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Humanism and Atheism


Humanism and Atheism

LT focus: To introduce the pupils to Humanism and Atheism


Group Discussion- What is the best colour and why?

In pairs the children discuss and  share their ideas with the class.

The teacher asks the following questions:

Did everyone choose the same colour?

Why not?

Is that okay?

The teacher explains that Humanists ask questions and find out answers for themselves and not from a God or Gods. Atheists are also a group who don’t believe in God but rely on themselves to ask and answer questions about the world. Some Atheists call themselves Humanists and some Humanists call themselves Atheists, but not always.


The teacher reads the story : The First Snow

Think , Pair, Share

What did you learn from the story?

What questions did the characters ask?

Did everyone come up with the same answer?

Why do you think they didn’t?

Who do you think had the correct answer and why?


What do you think when you hear answers that are very different to your own?

What’s the best thing to do?

Teacher reminds pupils that Humanists believe that people should find out information for themselves and learn about the world  in their own way.

Group discussion: What have we learned today? How could we learn more about Humaism/Atheism? What ideas do you have?

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