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Responsible pet ownership


Responsible pet ownership

LT focus: To develop and create an awareness of core values such as co-operation, freedom, happiness, honesty, love, peace, respect, responsibility, kindness, caring, safety and security in a peaceful and tranquil environment


I will introduce the lesson by showing the class a few pictures of my dog Kerry. I will tell them about her and then ask them if anyone in the class has a pet? We will discuss our pets and what we like about them


I will then ask the class how do you look after your pet?

  • We will discuss the various ways you look after your pet such as feeding them, walking them, giving them attention and playing with them.
  • I will show them images of pets being looked after and we will see if we got them all.
  • I will then ask the children if a good pet owner would scare their pet/ not walk them/ not play with them/not wash them etc..
  • We will discuss things we should not do to our pets (being unkind, not walking them, not feeding them etc). I will emphasise that we must look after our pets and be kind and gentle.


I will ask the class to tell me how to look after a pet.

  • I will emphasise that our pets are our friends and that we should always look after them properly because that is what a good pet owner/friend does. 
  • The children will then draw a picture of their pet being looked after ( them walking their dog, playing with their cat, feeding their fish, cleaning their rabbit’s cage etc.)

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Extension activities:

-Books “The Pigeon wants a pup” by Mo Willems, “Zoe and Beans. Where is Binky Boo?” by Chloe Inkpen, “My Friend Fred” by Hiawyn Oram. -Website: pdf care guides for dogs,cats and small animals available on BC SPCA website under kids tab.

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