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The Princess Boy


The Princess Boy

LT focus:

  • explore, identify and talk about concepts such as sharing, fairness, respect and empathy
  • Listen and respond to the story, “The Princess Boy.”
  • Understand the importance of accepting differences


Introduce puppet to the class- This is the princess boy. He likes to wear pink dresses and wear a tiara.


Is it ok for boys to wear pink clothes?

Can girls play with tractors and superheroes?


Watch the video of the Princess Boy.

Ask the children about the story.

  • What was your favourite part? Why?
  • How did the princess boy feel when the woman laughed at him? How would you feel if you were the princess boy?
  • If the princess boy came to visit our class, how would you make him feel welcome?
  • Should we judge somebody by what they look like?


Activity- Children will draw a picture of how they would make the princess boy feel welcome in our class.

Eg. I would play with the princess boy on yard.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic: 

Copy of the book needed for this lesson to work.

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