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Anti Bullying- Rights and Responsibilities


Anti Bullying- Rights and Responsibilities

LT focus: To begin to understand the universality of rights through an awareness of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


Watch UNICEF We’ve all got rights song

Teacher to ask children what children believe both their rights and responsibilities are.

Q: What are our rights and responsibilities in school? T to scribe list on WB.

Teacher will inform the children about UNICEF’s convention of children’s human rights. Highlighting Article 28 which states that all children have the right to an education and that schools should be a place where everyone is respected.


What is respect? What is disrespect? Definition of respect to be displayed on the WB

Chn given thinking time for question “Have you ever been disrespected by anyone while at school?”

Children using IPADs will log their answers on POLL EVERYWHERE.

Then children will be asked if so how did that make them feel.

List of emotions will appear as a word cloud on the WB.

Teacher to ask children:

What do we call when someone is repeatedly disrespecting us? (Bullying)

Using Poll Anywhere children will anonymously answer the question have they ever seen or been a victim of bullying at school? (Could pieces of paper with yes/no boxes)

Activity:Teacher will inform children that as part of Anti Bullying Week children are going to create a school Anti Bullying Advertisement campaign in groups to be displayed on the school website.

(Possible integration with Drama & Literacy using rhyme/alliteration to write effective slogans)

Children will use iMovie or class camera to record their advertisement. 


Teacher will circular class observing progress of groups stopping for mini plenaries asking them to share their ideas/progress. Other class members will give feedback on their advert. Remembering to kind, specific and helpful.

As a class then try and come up with a school Anti Bullying slogan.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

Recording would take place over the week.

Possible integration with Drama and Literacy. Poll Everywhere We’ve all got rights

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