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Humanism / Atheism


Humanism / Atheism

LT focus:

To recognise that Humanists have asked the same questions as other groups.

To understand that Humanists believe that we have one life and that we should live it to the full.

To evaluate what it means to be our best self.


The teacher introduces the lesson with a recap of the major world religions and beliefs as well as including other religions featuring in the class/wider school. The class look at images of various followers of these religions. The children identify differences and similarities between these groups.

The teacher then shows the children a photograph of Stephen Fry.

Who is this man?

What do we know about him?

Is he a religious man?

What does he believe in?


Small group discussion – what is a humanist/what does a humanist believe?

Videos –

‘How do we know what is true?’

‘What should we think about death?’

‘What makes something right or wrong?’

‘How can I be happy?


Small group/pair discussion on Humanism – similarities with other groups, why do Humanists think it’s important to ask questions, what can we do to live our best lives and be our best selves.

End lesson with short small group presentations to class on discussions.

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