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Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

LT focus: 

To introduce children to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Additional Information:

This can be altered for an older class: they could create a dialogue or a drama for the human rights.


Use an image of a child from WW2 as a stimulus . Children will look at the image and discuss if the child is happy, what clothes, he  is wearing, is he clean, does he look healthy., why is he sitting behind barb wire etc. He teacher will then explain the background behind the UDHR.


The teacher will go through a child’s version of the UDHR based on the book We are all born free. The teacher will use the powerpoint to go through some of the human rights. 6 Rights will be chosen and an image of each will be put on the whiteboard for all to see. (these can be printed from pp or photocopied from the book. The class will be split into 6 groups. Each group will be given 1 of the 6 Human rights. They will then create a freeze Frames to represent what Human Right they have. The rest of the children will try and guess which one it is and discuss the freeze frame.


Each child will be given one of the human rights from the book we are all born free. They will then design a poster for that human right.

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