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3 Short Lessons on Judaism

Lesson 1

Create a Padlet  as a KWL chart to collect children’s existing knowledge of Judaism

Children to put questions on Judaism on google forms

Children to view presentation on Judaism see link below

Refer back to Google forms to check questions and for homework see if they can answer any remaining questions.


Lesson 2

Review  Padlet and add in any additional information from homework.

Children to work in groups and create a presentation of their choice on one aspect of Judaism and present this to the class.

Return to KWL chart to add what we have learned.


Lesson 3


Identify interesting questions that we still have following lesson 1 &2.

Prepare a list of additional questions.

Complete a Skype Call and conduct a live interview with a member of the Jewish Faith.

Share what we have learned with the interviewee and share with school community

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