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What is Conscience?


What is Conscience?

LT focus: The children will be enabled to engage in a discussion about what is a conscience and how we can use it to guide our actions and decisions.


Start by explaining to the children that we are going to discuss what a conscience is, but before that we are going do a quick listening exercise. Play the following video for the children


Introduce to the children the idea that we all have a voice inside us and sometimes it helps us you know what to do in a certain situation. Talk about some general situations we might encounter where we should listen to our inner voice. Pull out some scenario cards, and get the children to close their eyes and really listen to their inner voice, is it telling them to do what is right/ safe?  Give each group a scenario, they can respond by drawing what they would do. Go through all the pictures together and let the children guide the discussions.


Start with listening activity ,ask how they felt during the listening game, introduce the words inner voice, conscience, right /wrong/ guide. Introduce scenario cards. Wrap up with reflection activity, how could I listen to my inner voice at home, in school etc.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic: 

Print out the following scenarios to pull out from a box/bag:

You find a toy out on yard but it is not yours.

You see someone who is sad and alone on yard

Your friend wants to play somewhere dangerous without telling adults where you will be.

A person at your table is always trying to  get you in trouble in school

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