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Autumn Nature Walk


Autumn Nature Walk

LT focus: develop a sense of awe and wonder in nature through nature walks and the nature table.


Discuss the weather that morning. Make a list of words for the types of weather associated with the season of Autumn.

Now, talk about the trees and plants and what happens to them in autumn.


Children take part in a nature walk. Divide into groups with one child appointed as leader. The leader takes the clipboard or camera to note evidence of autumn. Another child can bring a bag/box. Tell the groups they need to take photos/draw pictures/gather evidence of autumn.


When class comes back to classroom, each group takes turns to tell the class what they found. Each individual child draws a picture,adding words if able, to describe the things the saw outside that tell us autumn is on the way. Teacher can clear up any misunderstandings as infants can get seasons mixed up.

Keep evidence of photos/drawings and plants/acorns/pine cones etc for a table-This can be integrated with maths for sorting or Visual Arts for looking at tone and colour in natural items. Leaves can be used for rubbings.

Other teacher resources for teaching this topic:

You’ll need the following: Clipboard, paper, pencils, tablet/camera, bag/box

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